Brain Parcellation

The GPi is an important target nucleus for DBS in medically refractory movement disorders. Beneficial clinical outcome critically depends on precise electrode localization. Recent evidence indicates that not only neurons, but also axonal fibre tracts contribute to promoting the clinical effect.

In this project we explored the GPi connectivity profile and parcellated it in major clusters using unsupervised machine learning algorithms. This parcellation may reflect GPi subdivision into a sensorimotor, associative and limbic portion. Clinical and physiological studies indicate greatest clinical DBS benefit for electrodes placed in the postero-ventro-lateral GPi, the region displaying connectivity to the thalamus in our study and generally attributed to the sensorimotor system.

Three major clusters found in GPi.


Key Publications:

  • Moreira da Silva, N., Ahmadi, S. A., Tafula, S. N., Cunha, J. P. S., Bötzel, K., Vollmar, C., & Rozanski, V. E. (2017). A diffusion-based connectivity map of the GPi for optimised stereotactic targeting in DBS. NeuroImage, 144, 83-91.